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Want a Home Upgrade? Consider Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring in Ann Arbor Michigan

It’s that time of year again. Time for a home remodel project to change your home for the better. Many home owners are looking for ways to improve their home’s without spending thousands of dollars for minor changes. One home component that can dramatically change the appearance of the home and each room is the flooring in the room. One home improvement project you can consider is installing luxury vinyl tile flooring in Ann Arbor Michigan for your home. There are many advantages to this type of flooring and a home improvement project that has this popular flooring choice is certainly a good idea for a home upgrade and we’ll explain why in this article.¬†

Want a Home Upgrade? Consider Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring in Ann Arbor Michigan

There are many different types of flooring that is available today. They all have different qualities and the prices of those flooring choices can range from less than a few dollars per square foot of installed flooring to over a hundred dollars per square foot of flooring. Luxury vinyl tile flooring in Ann Arbor Michigan is one of the most popular flooring choices because it offers the great look and durability of expensive flooring while being affordable. Here’s why we think luxury vinyl tile flooring is such a good choice for flooring in your Ann Arbor Michigan home:

Want a Home Upgrade? Consider Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring in Ann Arbor Michigan

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring is Comfortable to Walk On

For most flooring choices there are super soft surfaces to walk on such as carpets. Carpet even has a padding underneath to give you this comfortable surface to walk on. On the other hand you have tile flooring and hardwood flooring which are both super hard and can be really cold to the touch no matter the temperature of the room they are installed in. Luxury vinyl tile flooring is the the happy medium. It’s not super soft but it’s also not that hard surface that you have with hardwood floors or tiles. Because the construction of the tile has multiple layers it does have some give in the flooring which is much more comfortable to walk on.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring is Durable

Luxury vinyl tile is very durable and many of the luxury vinyl tile flooring sold today have warranties attached that are 25 years or more. Even in higher traffic areas and even commercial applications luxury vinyl tile flooring is a top choice because it is able to keep it’s appearance much longer than traditional flooring choices. The way that luxury vinyl tile is constructed has a lot to do with it’s durability as well. Because the luxury vinyl tile has a clear layer on top of each plank it is much less likely to get scratched or damaged.

Luxury Vinyl  Tile Flooring Looks Amazing

While there are many advantages of luxury vinyl tile flooring probably the one talked about less often is how great it looks. Luxury vinyl tile flooring isn’t the same as laminate flooring and is a common misconception. But the LVT flooring that is manufactured today looks absolutely amazing and it can also look very similar to other, more expensive flooring types. And the best thing is that luxury vinyl tile flooring will likely perform better and have fewer maintenance requirements.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring is Affordable

The cost of flooring is usually matched with it’s appearance and how durable it is. With luxury vinyl tile flooring, it looks great and holds up well for decades so it’s price should be much higher than what it is. But, in fact, luxury vinyl tile flooring is one of the most economical choices when it comes to installing flooring for your home and when compared to hardwood flooring or tile flooring it can be much cheaper while at the same time, performing and looking better than either of these choices.

The Flooring Can Be Installed Quickly

Some types of flooring that are installed in your home can take long periods of time to install. Some hardwood flooring have to sit in your home before it’s installed because it needs to basically get accustomed to the environment in your home. Luxury vinyl tile can be installed quickly without this need of acclimatization.

Get a Free Estimate on New Flooring Installation on Your Home

If you’re considering a home improvement project in your Ann Arbor Michigan home be sure to consider luxury vinyl tile flooring. Call A2 Home Pros today (734-548-9910) to get a free estimate on pricing for installing flooring in your home.

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