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LVT Hardwood Floors: The Flooring in Downriver Michigan Choice for You

Has the floors in your home started to look a little dated? One choice that many home owners are now considering is hardwood flooring in their home. And while hardwood floors look great and can really make a room look amazing it is typically very high maintenance. Having to refinish the floor and deal with scuffs and scratches is normal for hardwood floors. So what if you could refinish the flooring in Downriver Michigan to look just like hardwood flooring but make it so that you don’t need to deal with all the maintenance requirements of hardwood floors, well, with LVT hardwood floors, you can have that amazing looking hardwood floor without the need of constant maintenance on the floors. 

LVT Hardwood Floors: The Flooring in Downriver Michigan Choice for You

When looking to re-floor a home, an office space, or another building, you may be left wondering about your flooring choices. If you are looking towards hardwood floors, you may want to consider the option of luxury vinyl tile or LVT hardwood floors over traditional solid hardwoods. Consulting a professional contractor in Downriver Michigan will be a great way to start the process after doing a little research about your flooring options. A contractor will be able to assist you through the entire process from helping you to make the best decision for your space, to installation, and to maintaining the life of your flooring choices so that you get the most bang for your buck. You don’t have to go through the process alone without guidance, as there is always a professional to help you along the way.

LVT Hardwood Floors: The Flooring in Downriver Michigan Choice for You

Making the Decision

Because there is little difference in availability and appearance between solid hardwood floors and LVT hardwood floors, your decision will have to be based on other factors. One of the main factors of choosing LVT flooring over hardwood flooring is price. Luxury vinyl tile flooring is less expensive than traditional hardwood flooring. Plus, the installation process is much faster and less expensive as well. Discussing all of your options and what would work best with a flooring contractor in Downriver Michigan could be beneficial to making your decision. A professional will understand the product and be able to explain the benefits of your options.

The Pros and Cons

A professional flooring contractor in Downriver Michigan will be able to discuss, at length, both the advantages and disadvantages of choosing LVT hardwood floors over traditional hardwoods. They will be able to explain how Luxury vinyl tile planks are more versatile in the home, how they are available in a wide variety of designs and colors, and how they stack up when it comes to quality and stability. Also the luxury vinyl tile that you install will last a very long time. There are warranties on the flooring as well which can be up to 25 years.

Contracting Out for Installation

You will want to ensure that you are using a professional when it comes to the installation of your luxury vinyl tile flooring in Michigan. While instructions to do it yourself may seem simple and guided, a qualified professional will efficiently get the job done without risking a costly misstep. Because there is a large variation in the products available, every product could have a different process for the installation. This is why a contractor would be your best option; they know what they are doing and a contract will hold them accountable to do the job well. Experience can play a huge role as well especially in a room with many angles and corners.

Maintaining Your Flooring

It will be of utmost importance to discuss the maintenance of your new LVT hardwood floors with your contractor in Downriver Michigan. Since they saw the job through from start to finish, they will have the necessary information for you to properly care for your floors. The upkeep of your floors should be relatively simple, but this will still be a necessary conversation to cover any specific instructions necessary for the products you chose.

Start today by getting an estimate on installing LVT hardwood flooring in your Downriver Michigan home. Contact All Point Construction today to get your free estimate by calling 734-407-7110

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