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Alternative Hardwood Flooring in Downriver Michigan Choices

Hardwood flooring has been used in many homes and continues to be one of the most sought after flooring choices. However, hardwood flooring in Downriver Michigan can be expensive, hard to take care of, and starts to look bad rather quickly if it’s not properly maintained. There are options that are available and alternatives that can make your flooring look great and hold up well over the long run. One of the best alternatives to hardwood flooring in Downriver Michigan is luxury vinyl tile flooring. It is durable and affordable. Plus, luxury vinyl tile looks absolutely amazing. 

Alternative Hardwood Flooring in Downriver Michigan Choices

Are you considering what to do about your worn-out flooring in Downriver Michigan? Thinking about how expensive it may be to get your nice hardwood floors refinished? Worry no more, a great many options exist that are inexpensive and look amazing. Vinyl Planks, Porcelain, and Laminate flooring all look wonderful and provide a distinct look for your home.

These choices are widely available in a spectrum of colors and textures making them ideal for the next home upgrade! While these choices can seem overwhelming there is one option that really is the front runner and that is luxury vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring.

Other options for covering over your old floors include Bamboo, Cork, and Linoleum. Bamboo is a cheap and an environmentally conscious alternative to hardwood flooring, making it ideal for anyone conscious of their environmental footprint. Cork represents a modern stylish alternative, as well as a comfortable one.

The slight “give” of cork when walking on it makes for a comfortable and elegant floor. And finally, one of the lower quality alternatives, Linoleum, very common in kitchens and bathrooms comes in a wide variety of patterns and is quick to have installed.

Alternative Hardwood Flooring in Downriver Michigan Choices

Well which one should I choose?

The answer to that is really up to you, what room(s) are you looking at improving? Choosing a hardwood alternative such as luxury vinyl tile is your decision entirely with only a few considerations. How sturdy is the sub-flooring, an answer that your local contractor can provide for you. How much foot traffic is the area going to receive, and will you have large appliances sitting on it?

If you are still not sure, ask your flooring contractor in Downriver Michigan what they think. If you are still on the fence about replacing or covering over your hardwood flooring, consider that many of these options come in patterns that imitate the look of hardwood, perhaps even nicer than what you already have.

Well how durable are they if they are so economical?

All of these alternatives are durable, but it really depends on where you place them. Vinyl planks or luxury vinyl tile flooring in the bathroom, pantry, or a closet will last much longer than in a high traffic hallway, as they do scratch over time. Porcelain and Laminate flooring is also fairly durable and should last for years depending on how much abuse it receives. Remember these alternatives are much more cost effective than refinishing your hardwood every year or two.

Why do I need a contractor to do this kind of work?

Well the short version of it is that while these materials are inexpensive and marketed towards people to do the work themselves, they still require the right tools and the right know-how to achieve the desired effect. If vinyl planks are used in the kitchen or bathroom where they may get damp, they need to be properly sealed to prevent them from coming up over time. Your local Downriver Michigan flooring contractor will know what materials to use and be able to do the work for you. Cutting a sheet of linoleum, the wrong length or at a poor angle, will result in you needing to purchase more and defeat the purpose of trying to save money on a contractor. Remember, your flooring contractor in Downriver Michigan has as much interest in the job being done correctly as you do!

One of the best flooring contractors in Downriver Michigan is All Point Construction. All Point Construction offers free consultations and will discuss your flooring options with you to help you determine the best fit for your home and budget.
Call All Point Construction today at 734-407-7110 to get started. 

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