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Choosing a Flooring Option for High Traffic Areas in Your Michigan Home

The areas in your home which see the most traffic can also be the areas that can make the flooring choices in these areas problematic. Because high traffic areas seem to wear out faster than other areas in the home’s flooring choosing a flooring material that can hold up over time is crucial to keep your home looking great for years to come. In this article I’ll go over some of the reasons why you should use LVT flooring in these areas and get a flooring contractor in Michigan to install it in your home.

Choosing a Flooring Option for High Traffic Areas in Your Michigan Home

Although we promote using luxury vinyl tile flooring for your home we also realize there are many different choices when it comes to flooring. From tile flooring and hardwood flooring to more exotic flooring types that are now available. And while these may all be excellent flooring choices for your home we tend to lean towards luxury vinyl tile flooring because it’s such a versatile flooring that is affordable, durable, and looks amazing. So when consider flooring for a high traffic area of your home we’ll recommend luxury vinyl tile flooring but we wanted to explain why it can be better than other flooring choices which we’ll go over in more details below.

Choosing a Flooring Option for High Traffic Areas in Your Michigan Home

Common High Traffic Areas in the Home

Some of the more common high traffic areas in your home will be around doors of your home. At the front entrance door and foyer are likely places there will be high traffic. for areas around the back door as well will be high traffic. In either case, the door that is used the most will be of high traffic. Hallways are another high traffic area as well. One of the problems of these areas is that people tend to always walk in the same spot. For instance, the next time you walk down your hallway make a mental note of just where you’re walking. The right, left, or center doesn’t matter but it matters if you always walk that same path. Most people will walk the same area over and over again. This isn’t just in the hallway but everywhere in the home. This continued walking and traffic in these spots is what can cause problems.

Why Picking the Right Flooring Matters in These Areas

Once you’ve located the high traffic areas in your home you’ll likely notice that these areas have flooring that is different than other areas unless it’s relatively new. Most flooring materials will tend to start showing signs of wear in these high traffic areas either by losing some of it’s shine and shimmer or by sinking in that spot. In tile flooring you may also notice cracking of the grout in these areas as well.

Keeping Up the Appearance of the Flooring

Once part of floor starts to look different than other parts it’s going to be a problem. The difference makes the flooring much more noticeable and the more it’s used the more noticeable it will be. For homes that have hardwood flooring this can actually get to a significant difference and many home owners will resort to using runners or throw rugs to cover the area. Carpets can be just as bad as the padding can crush over time and cause the flooring to look uneven and dingy in spots of high traffic.

Do You Have Pets? This Should Influence Your Decision

When it comes to high traffic areas it’s not just the humans who you’ll need to worry about. Pets, especially larger dogs can be problems for some flooring. They can scratch some flooring and also laying in spots can cause problems on some flooring types. If your pet has longer toenails you’ll certainly want to keep it away from hardwood flooring.

Use Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring on Your High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas in the home can be difficult to deal with but with luxury vinyl tile you can make them look great. Luxury vinyl tile doesn’t scratch, fade, or have any of the problems mentioned above. It’s one of the most durable flooring choices today and will keep it’s appearance for years with very little maintenance needed. To get a quote on installing luxury vinyl tile flooring in the Ann Arbor Michigan area be sure to call A2 Home Pros at 734-548-9910 for a free estimate on your flooring project.

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