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Top Choices for Flooring in Ann Arbor Michigan

The flooring in your home should look great and perform without any flaws. Choosing a flooring material for your home in Ann Arbor Michigan may seem like a huge decision but actually the choices are rather small. In this article I’ll go over some of the top choices for flooring in Ann Arbor Michigan and let you know some advantages and disadvantages of each. Although it’s certainly not a comprehensive list it does include some of the more popular flooring choices in Ann Arbor Michigan that your flooring contractor can install for you. 

Top Choices for Flooring in Ann Arbor Michigan

When you need to have new flooring installed in most rooms the usual flooring material is carpet. But for many homes in Ann Arbor, carpet is becoming further and further down the list for hard flooring. Flooring that looks cleaner, is easier to maintain, and in some cases water proof. Adding carpet in bathrooms or kitchens isn’t a good idea and you’ll need a water proof flooring in those areas to really protect the flooring. I’ll go over some popular flooring choices below which are ‘hard flooring’ choices for your home.

Top Choices for Flooring in Ann Arbor Michigan

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has really made an impact on flooring in the past decade. The price of laminate flooring has come down dramatically and more and more homes are getting this popular flooring choice installed in their homes. There are many different designs you can choose from but most of the  designs are created to mimic hardwood flooring. Some laminate flooring is also created using veneer from hardwoods in order to get the appearance of hardwoods. They are installed in planks which may be snapped together, glued together, or nailed into the sub-flooring. There are many different qualities of this flooring and the warranties can vary greatly.

Advantages of Laminate Flooring

  • Can be inexpensive for lower quality flooring
  • Lots of choices of design if you’re looking for hardwoods
  • Installs quickly

Disadvantages of Laminate Flooring

  • Most laminate flooring is not water proof and can’t be used in bathroom, kitchens, or rooms that have high humidity or likely to have water on the flooring.
  • Lower quality laminate flooring can fade quickly and scratch easily
  • Sometimes has a repetitive look

Ceramic / Travertine / Stone  Tile

A popular choice for bathroom floors in Ann Arbor Michigan is tile flooring. The tiles can be made of different materials such as ceramic tiles, travertine tiles, or stone tiles. While these different tiles are different in terms of how they are installed, weight, and more they are basically the same overall look. With this flooring option there may be different designs you can choose from with ceramic but with travertine and stone tile you’re sort of limited by what the flooring contractor has in stock or can get quickly.

Advantages of Tile Flooring

  • Can be waterproof and used in bathrooms
  • Popular with flooring and wall coverings
  • Different sizes and designs is available with some of the materials

Disadvantages of Tile Flooring

  • This type of flooring can be extremely heavy and you may need to add structural support for the flooring in the home.
  • All of these types of tiles can be expensive with ceramic tile being the less expensive of these
  • Can be difficult to clean with grouted joints in the flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

One of the newest types of flooring in Ann Arbor is called luxury vinyl tile flooring. Luxury vinyl tile flooring has been gained lots of popularity due to the fact that it’s affordable, lasts a long time, and there is a plethora of choices when it comes to design and style of the flooring. One of the biggest advantages of using luxury vinyl tile flooring is that it can mimic almost any type of flooring. You can have a hardwood floor look, a ceramic tile look, or even a marble floor look. It’s one of the most versatile types of flooring used in Ann Arbor Michigan today.

Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

  • Affordable flooring solution for your home
  • Can mimic almost any other type of flooring
  • Requires very little maintenance and comes with impressive warranties attached
  • Can be used in bathrooms and is completely waterproof
  • Lots of designs and styles to choose from
  • Easy to clean

Disadvantages of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

  • Transition areas can sometimes be a problem

Get a Free Estimate on your Flooring Project in Ann Arbor Michigan

If you’re ready to get a new flooring system in your Ann Arbor home be sure to call A2HomePros today for a free flooring estimate in Ann Arbor Michigan. They are fully licensed and insured flooring contractors and offer free estimates on any of the flooring choices listed in this article.



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