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Consider These Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile for Your Home

When its time to replace the floors in your home one of the more popular choices today is called luxury vinyl tile flooring. Luxury vinyl tile flooring has many advantages over traditional flooring choices. It’s dependable and durable as well as affordable. And the best part of LVT flooring is that it can look like almost any other type of flooring material available. If you’re getting new flooring installed in your home make sure you talk with your flooring installer Michigan about luxury vinyl tile flooring for your home. I’ll go over some of the benefits of using this popular flooring choice below. 

Consider These Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile for Your Home

One thing that can really give a room some personality is the flooring in the room. The warmth of hardwood flooring can really bring out the accents in the room while light, floor tiles can give a more clinical and modern look. While getting either of these choices can be a great idea for your home and look amazing it’s also a good idea to consider LVT flooring for your Michigan home. LVT flooring has many advantages and benefits which I’ll go over below but it’s ability to look and feel like hardwood flooring or tile flooring is amazing especially when it also performs better. Here are some of the benefits of using LVT Flooring in your home.

LVT Flooring is Easy to Clean

LVT flooring has a protective coating on the tiles which are easy to clean. A simple wipe with a damp cloth or a swiffer type mop and you’re set. Since the coating protects the tile from liquids and spills that may seep into other flooring types the luxury vinyl tile floors remain unaffected. They are really easy to clean.

LVT Flooring is Very Durable

Most flooring materials will show wear after a short time. This is especially true in higher traffic areas such as entry ways, foyers, hallways, etc. Hardwood flooring is especially susceptible to this. Some home owners will even use runner rugs in these high traffic areas to prevent this damage even though it covers up the floor which was why they installed it in the first place. For homes with LVT flooring this isn’t a concern. LVT flooring is designed to last 25 years for most brands and doesn’t wear in spots like many other flooring choices. This is why it’s used so much in commercial applications as well because of it’s ability to hold up so well for so many years. LVT Flooring also holds up well in high humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. It doesn’t swell or warp under the humidity like many other popular flooring choices.

LVT Flooring Looks Great and Can Mimic Almost Any Flooring Materials

Do you like the way hardwood flooring looks? Maybe you’re more of a ceramic tile person? Whatever the case, chances are there is a design available from LVT flooring choices that can give you a floor that looks almost exactly the same as those choices. Except that it will be easier to clean, hold up better, and likely, less expensive. In fact, luxury vinyl tile flooring can mimic the style and appearance of many of the popular flooring choices of today and usually outperform them as well. Even for tile applications you can add grout in some of the patterns to give it a more tile look.

LVT Flooring is Slip Resistant

Although LVT flooring is made from vinyl it’s made with a slip resistant surface for safety. Walking on the lvt flooring even when it’s wet such as when getting out of the shower or on entry areas of the home on a rainy day means you’ll still have a grip so you don’t fall.

Get a Free Estimate on Your Flooring Needs

If you’re considering replacing the flooring in your home be sure to call A2HomePros for a free estimate in or around the Ann Arbor Michigan area. A2HomePros is a full service home improvement contractor that is fully licensed and insured. Give them a call today at 734-548-9910 to learn more information and to get a free estimate on installing luxury vinyl tile flooring in your Michigan home.


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