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9 Key Benefits of LVT Flooring in Wyandotte Michigan

One of the most notable places in a home that guests will always look at is the flooring. It’s very difficult to keep most flooring clean and in good shape for longer periods of time. However, with LVT Flooring in Wyandotte Michigan you can have a great looking floor that will last for years. And it’s great in commercial applications as well because of it’s amazing durability. If you’re on the fence about whether luxury vinyl tile flooring is right for your home, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with this amazing flooring product.

9 Key Benefits of LVT Flooring in Wyandotte Michigan

With so many choices when it comes to flooring in your home it can really make a tough decision. Many home owners will tend to set a budget and then choose from options in that budget. While this is a great way to reduce your options, keep in mind that having a flooring that will last ten years is much better than one that lasts only a few years and requires loads of maintenance. And while luxury vinyl tile flooring isn’t a very expensive product it can be more economical with lower quality products.

LVT Flooring Wyandotte MI

The Cost of LVT Flooring

Looking for an affordable option for your home that lasts a long time and looks great? Luxury vinyl tile flooring is a great option that is very affordable when compared to similar flooring choices such as hardwood or tile flooring. And LVT flooring can look like those other flooring choices as well only without the expense or added maintenance.

LVT Flooring Lasts a Long Time

Many commercial applications will use luxury vinyl tile because it is so durable. Even if you have LVT flooring in high traffic areas it will keep it’s appearance much longer. Luxury vinyl tile also won’t dent or warp even when in these high traffic areas. In fact, the warranties that are included with this flooring can be as much as 20 years depending on brand and product chosen.

Easy on Feet

Walking on freezing cold tile during the winter with bare feet can be quite frustrating. Luxury vinyl tile flooring has some give when you walk on it and it’s not like walking on tiles as well. It really is easy on your feet.

Dampens Sound

Hard surfaces in your home tends to bounce sound waves more. With luxury vinyl tile flooring, much like carpet, it will tend to dampen the sound in your home. Which can be great when installed in multi level homes.

LVT Flooring is Versatile

Having a flooring choice that looks like you want it is important. With so many designs and products you’re sure to find the exact you want with luxury vinyl tile flooring.

Maintenance Free

One of the best benefits of luxury vinyl tile flooring is that it’s almost maintenance free. Many flooring choices such as hardwoods and tiles require yearly maintenance routines which can get expensive. But for LVT flooring it’s usually just a simple wipe down to keep it’s appearance and continue to look amazing flooring choice for your home.

Unique and Creative Designs Available

No matter what style or look you’re going for you can likely find a luxury vinyl tile design to fit the bill. There are many different designs and patterns that you can use to create an amazing looking floor. Some patterns can be repeating while others may be a work of art. It all depends on what you want for your flooring.

Repairs Are Less Expensive

When there is a problem with luxury vinyl tile it usually doesn’t mean the entire floor needs to be replaced. Since LVT flooring is made using planks when an area on the floor is damaged the only places that need to be replaced is the tiles that are damaged. Since luxury vinyl tile doesn’t fade, the new tile will fit right into place and look exactly the same as before it was damaged. This can cut down on repair costs dramatically.

Fast Installation

Another great feature about luxury vinyl tile flooring is that it can be installed fast. You don’t need to wait weeks or months on flooring to acclimate. If you’re considering luxury vinyl tile in your Wyandotte home, be sure to call the experts at All Point Construction today at (734) 407-7110 for a free quote!

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