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When Getting LVT Flooring in Trenton Michigan You Can Enjoy These Benefits

Years ago the flooring of choice for almost every room in the home other than the kitchen was wall to wall carpet. Hardwood floors where even covered to get the plush feel of carpet. However, most modern homes don’t have any carpet installed. Flooring choices today such as LVT flooring in Trenton Michigan can give you an amazing looking floor without all the problems of carpet or other flooring choices. And if you do decide to have luxury vinyl tile installed in your home there are some benefits that you can enjoy as well which we’ll cover below.

When Getting LVT Flooring in Trenton Michigan You Can Enjoy These Benefits

One of the biggest problems with carpet in the home is that it can get dirty so easily. Even when you’re careful there always seems to have a stain here or there either from spilling something or just from walking on it with shoes on. And if you have kids or pets, forget it, the carpet won’t look new for long. This can lead to many carpet cleaning needs which will drive up the cost of owning carpet in your home. If you have a hardwood floor, luxury vinyl tiles, or other tiles there is a much less likely chance of stains and problems. Of course, with luxury vinyl tiles, they are fully stain resistant so you don’t need to worry even if you have kids and pets.

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While there are many flooring choices which can have a few advantages. For example, hardwood floors look great when they are installed correctly but they are also extremely expensive and requires a lot of maintenance to continue to look great. Linoleum floors are very inexpensive, but they also don’t last long and can become damaged easily. Not only that, but they simply don’t look great. However, luxury vinyl tile flooring is affordable and looks great. Here are some of the benefits of using luxury vinyl tile flooring in your home:

Water proof

Spilling a glass of wine on carpet can be a complete disaster. However, since luxury vinyl tile is completely water proof a few paper towels to clean it up and it’s like it never happened. Being water proof is a huge benefit as well when you want to use luxury vinyl tile flooring in places like a bathroom or kitchen where water on the floor is common.

Scratch resistant

One of the biggest problems with hardwood floors is that they can become scratched. Moving furniture across the room or simply bumping into a table can gouge the floor and cause a scratch. That scratch will then usually need to be sanded out and the floor re-stained and sealed. As you can imagine a simple stain can cause quite a huge expense. Luxury vinyl tile flooring is scratch resistant. So even if you do move your furniture, you don’t need to worry about scratching the flooring.

Color through

Over time some flooring will fade or show signs of wear. Laminate flooring that has a thin layer on top for design is one of these problem floorings. Since the top layer of the flooring is very thin, over time it starts to wear down and fade especially if it is used in a high traffic area. Since luxury vinyl tile has the color throughout the flooring planks, they won’t fade or show signs of wear. This is one reason why luxury vinyl tile is so popular in commercial applications.


If your home is concrete slab home, then you likely know all too well how there is not any give to the floor when walking on it. Over time this can have a negative effect on your body. Having a flooring that is padded in some way can help to reduce the impact it has on your joints. And although the flooring is padded it is layered so that it doesn’t shrink after it is walked on a lot such as with carpet padding which can collapse over time.

If you’re considering luxury vinyl tile for your home in Trenton Michigan be sure to call one of the top flooring contractors in the area. All Point Construction is fully licensed and insured and give free estimates on home improvement projects. Call them today at (734) 407-7110.

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