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Common Questions When Installing Luxury Vinyl Planks in Ann Arbor Michigan

Making the switch to have luxury vinyl tile installed in your home can be a tough choice for some home owners. Luxury vinyl tile flooring is quite new when compared to other common flooring options and that can leave many home owners questioning if it’s really a good idea for their homes. We’ve listed some of the common questions that many home owners have when considering getting luxury vinyl planks in Ann Arbor Michigan and whether it’s a good fit for your home.

Common Questions When Installing Luxury Vinyl Planks in Ann Arbor Michigan

One of the biggest questions we get asked here at LVT Flooring Michigan is how long does the flooring last once it’s installed. And while there are many factors that will influence just how long luxury vinyl tile flooring will last in your home the best way to determine this is by examining the warranty on the flooring. Many of the better quality flooring options will have a warranty of 25 or more years. So once it’s installed in your home you won’t need to worry for the next 25 years or so. Some flooring will have a much longer warranty of as much as 50 years! In any event the flooring should retain it’s appearance and other qualities for the duration of the warranty.

Common Questions When Installing Luxury Vinyl Planks in Ann Arbor Michigan

Is LVT Flooring Better Than Laminate Flooring?

A huge bit of confusion for many home owners is the difference between laminate flooring and luxury vinyl tile. The construction of LVT flooring is much different and although the two flooring choices are similar they produce different results. For instance, with laminate flooring there is still a problem when the flooring gets wet. Laminate flooring is also made from wood which can be damaged by insects and sometimes the flooring will warp and twist due to the wood moving.

Are Thicker LVT Planks Better?

While there are different thickness choices for some luxury vinyl tiles it should not be used as a deciding factor. Instead, if you’re looking for a better quality of flooring then consider the warranty that is attached to the luxury vinyl tile planks you’re considering. Thicker tiles typically have better warranties but it only relative and not considered better simply because of thickness. A thicker tile is also a little more padded for walking on as well which can be a bonus. But once the flooring is installed you won’t be able to determine just how thick the vinyl tile planks are.

Is LVT Flooring Safe?

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is safe to use in your home. It is constructed much in the same way as older laminate flooring with different layers containing different parts of the flooring. However, with a protective layer at the top of the LVT flooring it is safe to walk on barefoot and also safe to use in areas which has water such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Is LVT Flooring Waterproof?

One big difference for luxury vinyl tile flooring is it’s ability to be water proof. LVT flooring can be used in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms and is completely waterproof. Plus, some luxury vinyl tile flooring options allow you to grout the flooring much like other tiles that are used in these wet locations. Be sure to discuss with your contractor about the application of flooring in these areas to ensure waterproofing is used when installing the flooring.

Does LVT Flooring Shrink Over Time?

A huge problem with other types of flooring such as hardwood flooring is that over time the flooring can change. The wood may shrink or twist and requires maintenance to retain it’s appearance. However, for luxury vinyl tile flooring the appearance remains the same. LVT flooring doesn’t stain or fade due to the protective top layer of the flooring. And since it’s made from materials that are not as affected by time, use, or temperature it does not shrink like other flooring choices.

Talk with an Expert

If you have more questions or concerns about installing luxury vinyl tile flooring in your Ann Arbor Michigan home be sure to talk with the flooring experts at A2 Home Pros. They have fully qualified flooring installers ready to help! Call them to get a free estimate for LVT flooring in your home at 734-548-9910

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