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Questions You Need To Ask Before Buying Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Downriver Michigan

Flooring is a crucial part of your home. You need something durable enough to withstand daily wear, while still looking good. There are many different materials on the market and they all come with their own benefits and disadvantages. Just because something is deemed a luxury material doesn’t mean it is the best option for everyone. Before you spend a lot of money on luxury flooring, it is important to ask certain questions. We’ll take a closer look at luxury vinyl tile flooring and list some of the key points you should consider if you’re considering getting this flooring in Downriver Michigan.

Questions You Need To Ask Before Buying Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Downriver Michigan

It’s no secret that a salesperson will tell you all the benefits of a product before you buy it. They may not list the problems you may face however which can be tremendous in some cases. Fortunately, for luxury viny tile flooring there are very few disadvantages that you really need to worry about. There are some questions that you’ll want to ask to get a better clarification on the type and brand of luxury vinyl tile flooring that you’ll have installed. Vinyl is a highly popular material for home flooring that has some great luxury options. If you want vinyl flooring, but aren’t sure whether you should go with the luxury version, here are some things to consider:

Questions You Need To Ask Before Buying Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Downriver Michigan

Is The Wear Layer Thick Enough?

Vinyl flooring has a wear layer on the top of the tile. This is a clear layer, with the pattern or pint design film underneath. This wear layer is crucial for vinyl flooring because it provides protection against ruining the design, as well as increasing durability. The thicker the wear layer is on vinyl flooring, the longer the floor will last before the design is damaged.

It is important, however, to not overdo it with the wear layer. Anything over 28 millimeters, or mil, in thickness is not going to make a significant impact on your floors lifespan. If your wear layer is over 28 mil in thickness, you are paying for more than necessary and essentially wasting money.

What Are The Color And Pattern Options?

Vinyl is an incredibly popular flooring option because of the wide variety of designs and appearances. Vinyl prints the design directly into the material, rather than on top of it, so the print lasts longer and looks more natural. This allows you to choose solid colors, patterns and even a print that looks like another flooring material. You can have vinyl that looks like wood, stone, or even marble, depending on your preference.

You can also choose between a smooth vinyl floor, or something with texture. The texture will make your flooring look more realistic if you want it to look like another material. But texture does make vinyl more difficult to clean.

How Much Maintenance Is Required?

Vinyl flooring is one of the easiest flooring options when it comes to cleaning and maintaining. There is no need to use chemicals or stains. A simple mop and bucket, or steam clean will do. If you choose to go with a textured floor, you will need to make sure that all the nooks and crannies are taken care of.

Does This Flooring Have A Warranty?

You should always try to buy products with some kind of warranty, or protection for your investment. Flooring is no different. Most manufacturers offer a warranty on their products, but may try to get out of having to honor it. This is why it is important to not only look at how long the warranty is, but what exactly it covers. For example, if you are provided a lifetime warranty, it isn’t actually referring to your life. Instead, in refers to the average lifespan of that type of flooring when properly taken care of.

Look at the details of your warranty and look for clauses and loopholes where the manufacturer may try to disclaim. Go over it in details, and don’t hesitate to ask thorough questions of the manufacturer. The more you know, the better you protect your investment.

Use a Licensed Contractor

It’s important that your luxury vinyl tile flooring is installed correctly. Improper installation can lead to many problems such as water damage to your home in some cases. Call the flooring experts at All Point Construction to discuss your flooring project at 734-407-7110. All Point Construction is a fully licensed home improvement contractor in Downriver Michigan. they offer free quotes and the knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have.

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