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Facts You Should Know When Buying Luxury Vinyl Tile in Downriver Michigan

When faced with the decision of choosing a new flooring option, homeowners are often plagued with not knowing which direction to go in. If you don’t have all the information, you can risk not making the soundest decision for your flooring. There are several things you should check out prior to choosing the flooring for you. Here are some facts you should consider when buying flooring in Downriver Michigan.

Facts You Should Know When Buying Luxury Vinyl Tile in Downriver Michigan

Is the wear layer thick for long term durability? Your wear layer is the protective coat on the luxury vinyl tile. A thin wear layer will quickly wear away! You want to make sure that you go with a tile option that has a wear layer suitable for the use of the tile. In heavily trafficked areas, you want to go with a thicker option as the layer will take the constant beating of wear and tear. Keep in mind that a thick wear level won’t make the tile indestructible, so be sure to discuss the options with your contractor to be sure you are making a wise decision.

Can tiles be easily repaired or replaced? Nothing is guaranteed to never get messed up. Accidents happen and there’s a chance you could find yourself with the need to replace a tile here or there. You want to ask how easy it is to repair and replace tiles just in case this were to happen to your luxury vinyl tile. You need to know how easy it would be to get replacement tiles and then what all it takes to place the new tile. You may even consider stocking extra tiles so that you don’t run into issues if the product were discontinued.

Facts You Should Know When Buying Luxury Vinyl Tile in Downriver Michigan

Is there a warranty? You always want to be sure that your luxury vinyl tile is warrantied. Most manufacturers will offer different warranty options for your flooring choice, so be sure to discuss these with your contractor. Many of these warranties are contingent on the proper installation of the flooring as well, so be sure your contractor is familiar with the option you choose.

Are there design options to choose from? The beauty of luxury vinyl tile is that there is a great amount of diversity available in design and style. There are several wood patterned options as well as stonework looks. There is even a plethora of abstract and trendy designs that deviate from the standard looks. There is truly a look for anyone with any type of style, so be sure to discuss all your options with your contractor.

What is the texture of the tiles? You’d be surprised how much the texture of your flooring can impact the look and feel of your home! If you are going with a woodgrain look, you’d want the woodgrain feel as well to best round out the effect of the flooring. The same would go for specialty stonework looks and other materials with distinct textures. Luckily, luxury vinyl tile comes in a variety of styles and designs that have this great quality to offer.

How quickly can this be done? Just as with any home project, you want to be sure how long it will take. You need to ask what the timeline for shipping and installation will be so that there is no question on what to expect once you select an option. If the availability of your choice could impact how long it takes to come in, you may want to look at other options for consideration.

Does this suit my home and can it be installed properly here? It is imperative that you discuss how suitable a material is with your space and whether or not conditions are best for the correct installation. You need to ask your contractor about this to be sure the selection you have made will fit in with your home. Things that should be considered are moisture, longevity, and safety. You want to make sure the traffic in the space won’t be effected by the choice and that you will have a long lasting flooring.

How intense is the maintenance? Maintenance of anything in your home can be taxing. If you don’t have the resources or time to sink into regular extensive maintenance, you need to be sure to go with an easy to maintain option. Many luxury vinyl options are incredibly easy to keep up when compared to other hard surface flooring options.

Will the acoustics of my home be impacted? Sometimes changing the material that your flooring is made from will affect the sound quality in your home. Some materials may better absorb sound while others will not. If this is important to you, be sure to consult with your contractor to understand what your options are and how they can impact the sound in your home.

Be sure to call a qualified contractor for your flooring installation. All Point Construction is one of the top home improvement contractors in Downriver Michigan. Call them today at 734-407-7110 for more details.

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