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Make the Most of Luxury Floor Tiles in Downriver Michigan

Buying an expensive house doesn’t always mean that it will look like an expensive home. The price tag alone does not make a house valuable. If a life of luxury is what you aim for, then you need to think about the fine details of the space and what you could customize to make it truly unique. No matter the purpose of a room, you need to ensure its design matches that of a high end designer’s eye. One way to make it more luxurious is to use luxury floor tiles in Downriver Michigan for your home.

Make the Most of Luxury Floor Tiles in Downriver Michigan

Any interior designer or home architect will tell you that a luxury home is made luxurious by certain key items. This includes a gourmet kitchen, large bathrooms, a comfortable outdoor living space, and ample closet and dressing space. Add in some design details in the architecture or in technology and you take your house from nice to extravagant.

Believe it or not, your flooring choice can make a big impact on the overall luxurious appearance of your home. They set the groundwork from which to build the ambiance of your space. No matter whether you are designing a spa-like bathroom, a gourmet kitchen, or an outdoor entertainment space, your flooring is important. You will want to go with a tile flooring option to truly give your home the luxury feel.

Offering texture, pattern, and an artistic element to any room, tile flooring will elevate any space. With an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, tile flooring offers an uncanny amount of design versatility. High end tiling offers a sort of magic in that it can give a unique design appearance with the look of luxury.

Make the Most of Luxury Floor Tiles in Downriver Michigan

Porcelain Floor Tiles

You may associate porcelain with cathedrals and castles, as it is lavish and pristine. Porcelain is not a disappointing tile option as it gives a classy appearance and naturally feels fancy. You must make certain design choices when using porcelain, though, to ensure you have the elegant appearance it can provide.

You must consider certain factors when shopping for porcelain flooring.

  • Look and Feel – Porcelain tile can have so many different looks thanks to technological advances. As a more durable and water resistance tile option, porcelain is more versatile in its usage. With the ability to print any pattern onto its surface, porcelain can now look even fancier but with a better price tag than marble.
  • Tile Arrangement – You have to consider how you want the tile to be laid. There is an infinite amount of ways to lay tile patterns, but there are specific ways to emphasize the best look for certain patterns. Porcelain made to look like marble should have a seamless uniform layout while others may use a variety of patterning to create texture.
  • Grout Options – You want to make sure your choice in grout color doesn’t ruin your luxury tile purchase. If grout isn’t laid right or dries wrong, it can really downplay how nice your tile looks. Keep things uniform to maintain a clean finish and make sure to only use contrasting colors if the design truly benefits from the choice.
  • Keeping it Clean – Porcelain has to be kept clean and maintained. It is very durable, making it a great choice even for high traffic areas of the home. You can’t ignore the tile, but instead keep it up nicely and it should last for a long time with little to no wear present.

Ceramic Floor Tiles

Gone are the day of ceramic roof tiles, and here are more modern options of today. In luxury renovations, ceramic has become a hot trend. With versatility and an air of being timeless, ceramic should be! You only have to make sure to choose the right flooring for your space.

Just like with porcelain floors, you must consider the following factors when selecting a ceramic tile flooring option.

  • Look and Feel – Ceramic is more porous than porcelain, so it shouldn’t be used outdoors, but otherwise, ceramic is very similar to porcelain. It can be glazed and cut to various sizes and shapes. Offering a high quality look. There is so much versatility offered in ceramic tile that you could go from Italian villa vibes to a Renaissance artistic soiree.
  • Tile Arrangement – Unique patterns allow for bold statements to be made with ceramic tile, but they can also be laid in a way that creates interest. Solid color tiles can make dynamic statements with patterning and texture. Detailed designed tiles are already busy, so making sure you follow a guideline will keep from making the overall look overwhelming.
  • Grout Options – Grout can make or break a tile choice. You want to select a grout color that comes close to the base color in your tile flooring. You want there to be a uniform look and for the tile itself to stand out, not white grout lines, or even worse – stained white grout lines.
  • Keeping it Clean – Just like porcelain floors, ceramic tile floors need to be cleaned regularly. You will need to clean spills as they happen, of course, but you need to keep them cleaned routinely. Closely consider the tile color as well, because a darker or multicolored ceramic will be prone to scuffs and chips. Sometimes the outermost color is a glaze, so any chips could reveal a different color underneath. Keep the dark ceramic floors in low traffic rooms.

Lighting Your Flooring

The lighting in your home can make a big impact on the way your floors look and the overall effect on the room they have. Often, natural and artificial light both are used to add flare to a room design. You’ll want to consider the current lighting or different options of each room before you select and install a tile to be sure you are getting the right fit. You don’t want to downplay the impact of the flooring choice you make due to the poor lighting of the room.

Porcelain and Ceramic in Your Home

The floors you put under your feet are of incredible value to your luxurious living space. Porcelain and ceramic remain the most luxurious options to do this, thanks to their durability and versatility. These adaptable options are great for any style. You just have to consider the space you’re putting the flooring in and the factors surrounding luxury floors.

Whatever type of flooring you choose for your home make sure it is installed by a properly qualified home improvement contractor. Call the experts at All Point Construction today in Downriver Michigan for a free quote on flooring installation. They can answer any questions you may have and help you determine what is best for your home and budget. Call today at 734-407-7110.

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