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9 Reasons Why Getting Luxury Vinyl Tile in Downriver Michigan is a Good Idea

If you’re considering upgrading your home’s flooring a great option is to use luxury vinyl tile flooring. There are many misconceptions when it comes to luxury vinyl tile flooring and many people think that it’s the same as linoleum flooring, but it’s much, much better than that. In fact, when you’re getting new flooring installed in Downriver Michigan one of the best choices is luxury vinyl tile flooring. There are so many advantages to using this flooring that it’s no wonder its popularity has exploded over the past few years. We’ve listed some of the advantages in this post to help you make a better buying decision for your home’s flooring.

9 Reasons Why Getting Luxury Vinyl Tile in Downriver Michigan is a Good Idea

10 Reasons Why Getting Luxury Vinyl Tile in Downriver Michigan is a Good Idea


1 – Many Design Choices

It doesn’t matter what type of flooring you’re looking at for your home, chances are there is an alternative luxury vinyl tile flooring. Other than wall to wall carpet, luxury vinyl tile flooring can mimic almost any flooring choice. From hardwood flooring to ceramic tiles, luxury vinyl tile flooring can give you the appearance of any flooring you want and still have all the advantages of LVT flooring.

2 – Affordable

While luxury vinyl tile flooring is more than standard linoleum flooring the price is comparable to laminate flooring. However, when compared to the costs of installing a hardwood floor versus luxury vinyl tile, the luxury vinyl tile is much more affordable. In fact, for specialty floorings such as hardwood, tile, or stone getting luxury vinyl tile flooring is much more affordable.

3 – Durable

Over time many of the flooring options that are available today will start to show signs of wear. However, with luxury vinyl tile flooring they have included a wear layer on top that protects it. The flooring will hold it’s appearance much longer than traditional flooring choices. Even in high traffic areas, LVT flooring holds up really well. In fact, it’s used in many commercial applications as well.

4 – Low Maintenance

One of the problems with hardwood floors and tile floors is that they require an immense amount of maintenance. Regrouting every few years and continually getting your hardwood floor resanded and refinished means these flooring choices will cost you more and more as time goes on. However, with luxury vinyl tile flooring the maintenance requirement is very low. In fact, LVT flooring doesn’t require any maintenance other than cleaning and many options have warranties that last more than 15 years.

5 – Waterproof

Want to use luxury vinyl tile flooring in kitchens and bathrooms? Don’t worry, most of the LVT flooring sold is completely water proof and can be used in areas where high humidity and water is common on the floors.

6 – Resists Stains and Easy to Clean

Remember I mentioned the protective layer over the top of the luxury vinyl tile above? It not only helps the LVT be more durable but it also helps to prevent stains. The protective layer is clear and stain resistant. You won’t need to worry about spilled soda or grape juice. And since LVT is waterproof you can get it cleaned up quickly and easily. In fact, using a Swiffer mop is likely all you’ll need to clean the flooring.

7 – Easily Repaired if Needed

While luxury vinyl tile is incredibly durable there may be times when repairs are needed. The great thing about luxury vinyl tile is that you can purchase the same style and color as the original tile and only replace a plank that is bad. Once replaced, you’ll never know that it was damaged.

8 – More Comfortable to Walk On

The construction of luxury vinyl tile flooring is made of layers. There are protective layers on top as well as design layers and padding layers. All these layers on the tiles make it much more comfortable to walk on. There is a bit of ‘give’ for the flooring that makes it more comfortable. It’s also much warmer to walk on than stone or ceramic tile which can certainly make a difference on those cold Michigan days.

9 – Has a Great Warranty

There are different manufacturers for luxury vinyl tile and each offer warranties on their products. The warranty for most LVT flooring is 15 years but there are options available with longer warranties if needed.

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