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Pros and Cons of Installing LVT Flooring in Plymouth Michigan

When choosing a flooring material for your home a lot of things will come into play. The amount of traffic that the flooring will be exposed to as well as how close to the exterior door the flooring is. Let’s face it, when you have carpet as a flooring option when you first walk in the door chances are it won’t last long until it looks dingy and dirty. A lot of people today are using luxury vinyl tile flooring or LVT flooring for these homes. There are some huge benefits for using LVT flooring in Plymouth Michigan but there may also be some problems that you aren’t aware of. We’ll take a look at the pros and cons of this popular flooring choice.

Pros and Cons of Installing LVT Flooring in Plymouth Michigan

Although luxury vinyl tile flooring has not been around as many of the other popular flooring choices it has quickly become one of the most popular. The biggest reason is because it is so versatile and can have thousands of different designs. Many of these different styles and designs can mimic the look of other flooring choices. If you like the hardwood flooring look then LVT flooring can also give that appearance. The design is what draws many people into this flooring option but there are other advantages as well which may not be as obvious.

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LVT Flooring is Maintenance Free

When you have hardwood flooring there is a strict maintenance schedule you’ll need to keep. Routine sanding and refinishing to keep the flooring looking great is required. However, with luxury vinyl tile flooring you can basically forget about it other than cleaning it. LVT flooring is maintenance free and once it is installed it’s there to stay.

LVT Flooring is Softer To Walk On

In areas such as a kitchen or bathroom the luxury vinyl tile flooring offers a softer surface to walk on. When compared to ceramic or other tile flooring systems luxury vinyl tile flooring is better. There is a soft cushion layer in the luxury vinyl tile flooring which helps it achieve this easy to walk on surface.

LVT Flooring is Not Easily Damaged

Scratching a hardwood floor means you’ll need to take steps to repair it. And that may be because a chair was slid across the floor wrong or there was a missing cushion or pad on the chair. Deep scratches may also mean a full floor refinish including sanding the floor. With luxury vinyl tile flooring you won’t need to worry about that. LVT flooring is constructed with the design layer under a thick clear layer on the tiles. So even if the top clear layer is damaged the design of the flooring is not changed. Instead, it looks just like it should. Also, luxury vinyl tile flooring is scratch resistant so you won’t need to worry about that.

Planks Can Be Replaced Easily

There are situations where the planks of the LVT flooring can be damaged. Dropping a knife is an example that can damage the flooring. Although this can be repaired quite easily. Since luxury vinyl tiles can be replaced it’s simply a matter of removing the damaged tile and replacing it with a new one. It is easily repaired and will look just as good as when it was first installed.

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It Can Be Expensive

One of the biggest problems that people complain about with LVT flooring is that it is expensive. While this is true when it’s compared to flooring choices such as linoleum flooring, it’s actually very much less expensive when compared to hardwood flooring or even ceramic tile flooring.

Transitions Are Not Great

If you plan on making transitions from different rooms, LVT flooring doesn’t handle this well. Instead look for longer runs of the flooring for best overall appearance.

Get a Quote and Talk with a Professional Home Improvement Contractor

As with any type of home improvement contractor there are always specifics that can mean the project looks great and doesn’t cost that much while other times projects can go way over budget. It is always best to talk with a qualified home improvement contractor about your project. At Home Pros Plymouth they offer free consultations and can provide pricing quotes for your flooring project. Call them today at (734) 548-9911 for more information and to get a free estimate.

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