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What Flooring Choices are Best for Children in Michigan?

As a parent we always want what is best for our kids. But we also want to keep them safe as well. The flooring in your home can be a difficult choice especially when you have kids. You wouldn’t want to install a light beige carpet in a toddler’s room where they eat snacks and stuff for obvious reasons. However, ¬†sometimes the flooring choices we make can affect our kids and also how well the flooring holds up and ease of cleaning. In this article I’ll go over some of the flooring choices in Michigan today and give you some tips and advice on what those flooring choices can mean for your children.¬†

What Flooring Choices are Best for Children in Michigan?

There are literally thousands of different flooring materials being used today. From all sorts of hard woods to purely synthetic material the choices are almost limitless. With so many choices it difficult sometimes to really pick one and stick with it and it really is easy to get buyer’s remorse after the flooring is installed by professional flooring contractors. Making the best choice for flooring is always best when you have all the details and information about the flooring which I’ll go over below for home owners who have kids that will be using the flooring.

What Flooring Choices are Best for Children in Michigan

Tile or Cement Flooring

Many homes today use tile flooring or cement flooring in bathrooms because of it’s ability to repel water. For kids, this waterproofing can certainly be a plus. Kids tend to spill cups and liquids on the flooring which can be cleaned easily. The flooring is also typically scratch resistant so they can play with toy cars and items without worrying about scratching the flooring. While this can be a plus, there are some downsides too. First, the flooring is cold and can be uncomfortable for the children. It’s hard and doesn’t give the slightest bit if the child falls on it which can be really bad if they hit their head during a fall. And although the tile flooring can be easy to clean, some liquids will get into the grout and seep into them causing them to look dirty and over time can lead to other problems.

Hardwood Flooring in Your Home

Like tile flooring,¬†hardwood flooring can be treated so that it’s waterproof and easy to clean. Simple spills from a kids cup can easily be cleaned and removed quickly. Hardwood flooring that is properly installed will have a coating the allows the water to remain above the wood. This coating can also mean the wood flooring is protected and sanded so that splinter and wood particles can’t break free without a lot of force. Of course, sometime a child may slam a toy down which can break this surface, although this may be uncommon it certainly possible. There are many types of wood flooring you can choose for your home and each one will have different characteristics. Be sure to ask about how well they hold up over time and if splintering is an issue.

Laminate Flooring for your Home

Another popular choice for home owners who have kids is to install laminate flooring in the home. Laminate flooring is waterproof and also clean very easily. It is one of the top flooring choices for home owners with children. Plus, laminate flooring is relatively inexpensive to purchase and install. There are some drawbacks with laminate flooring however which is that it doesn’t look that great. Most laminate flooring options look dated and cheap and may bring the value of your home down when installed.


Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Installation in Your Home

An upgraded and better choice rather than laminate flooring or any of the flooring choices above is luxury vinyl tile flooring. Luxury vinyl tile flooring is easy to clean, waterproof, and gives a bit if your kid falls. It’s one of the best flooring choices for your home if you have kids. Plus, it looks absolutely amazing and can mimic almost any other type of flooring except it has all the benefits of LVT flooring. Want to lean more about LVT flooring in your home? Be sure to call one of the featured flooring contractors in Michigan today. For those who are located in the Ann Arbor Michigan area, be sure to call Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor today at 734-619-1271

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