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It’s Time to Try Premium Engineered Flooring

If you’re tired of looking at average flooring in your home or office, maybe you need to consider a higher class option in Downriver MI. Most people have heard of COREtec Plus Floors. These styles are top of the line, and look like a million bucks, but are affordable. If you want to renovate your home you can hire a contractor in your neighborhood that is authorized to install US Floors.   Have you ever seen Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring? It’s magnificent, sustainable and a unique creation. Here are just a few cool features this innovative company provides:


  • FSC®-Certified hardwood floors
  • Cork and bamboo flooring
  • Oil finished hardwood flooring
  • Eco-friendly floors

By hiring a certified and licensed contractor, you will have many options to choose from, such as Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring or lvtf. It’s a popular and modern style that is waterproof and looks like real wood or ceramic, without the upkeep. It’s impossible to find an authorized installer unless you know where to look. Pricing, materials and experience are all things to consider. Are they top ranked in your local area, and are they #1 in the neighborhood?

Try Premium Engineered Flooring2

Making a change is a positive thing

If you’ve never heard of US Floors, you don’t know what you’re missing. You shouldn’t plan a home remodel or renovation project without changing up your flooring. Why replace your roof, drywall, paint, doors and windows if you’re not doing anything with your flooring? Is it outdated and full of mildew? Is it discolored and unsightly? Your guests won’t cringe, in fact they’ll be singing your praises once they lay their eyes on your new premium engineered flooring. LVTF is the hottest rage in flooring today, and it looks like real wood or ceramic! Performing proper maintenance on your new floor is the trick to making it last years and years. Your home or company in Downriver Michigan, in the heart of Wayne County, should be treated like a valued asset. If you ever consider selling your house, a new, eco-friendly and sustainable floor can be a big plus. Remodeling and renovating your property can be fun and exciting, but it’s not recommended that you replace your floor yourself unless you have the skills, credentials, experience and certifications to do a good job. If not, it’s time to call the experts. Make sure the company you hire is certified to install COREtec Plus Floors, and that they can show you their current builder’s or installer’s license. This brand is very well-known in the industry, and is respected as the premiere manufacturer of patented, sustainable flooring. By hiring a reputable flooring contractor, you won’t need to deal with hauling materials, ripping out your old floor, or installing a new one yourself.


Your new floor should be easy to maintain

LVTF care and maintenance is really no trouble at all. Because it’s built tough, it will withstand a lot more than your previous style. Waterproof flooring is a perfect option if you don’t want to deal with floors that attract mold or have large cracks that allow water to seep in if a leak or plumbing emergency occurs. If you conduct a thorough search, you will be able to hire a friendly, trusted contractor that offers free inspections, estimates, floor design ideas, warrantees, a money-back guarantee, financing options and payment arrangements (such as installments), one-day installation of lvtf flooring, and much more. Compare a few companies to see which offers the better deal, and which one has better reviews and references on its website. A floor which is practically maintenance-free would be ideal for your home or company. Your guests will think your floor is real hardwood, ceramic, cork or bamboo, but in fact, it’s a top of the line luxury vinyl tile flooring. Anyone would be proud to have an lvtf in their commercial or residential property. You’ll be amazed at how many types of US Floors there are to choose from, including a variety of rustic colors and styles. Your basement, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, living room, or home office will shine with a spectacular premium engineered floor. Pull out all the stops and let some luxury in by calling a certified lvtf contractor.

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