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Is LVT Flooring for Your Ypsilanti Michigan Home a Good Idea?

Is the flooring in your home starting to show signs of age? One of the best flooring solutions on the market today is called LVT Flooring. LVT stands for luxury vinyl tile flooring and has become really popular over the past decade for many home owners because of the many advantages that it offers. Not only is LVT flooring a great quality product it’s also very affordable especially when compared to other flooring types such as hardwood or stone flooring which luxury vinyl tile can mimic very closely. Having a flooring contractor in Ypsilanti Michigan come to your home and install LVT flooring can give you a floor you can be proud of and last a long time. I’ll include some of the advantages of using luxury vinyl tile flooring in your Ypsilanti Michigan home. 

Is LVT Flooring for Your Ypsilanti Michigan Home a Good Idea?

Looking for a flooring material that can stand up to heavy traffic, last a long time, and most importantly look great leaves you with only a few choices. While there are many flooring solutions available today most of them don’t meet those requirements like luxury vinyl tile flooring. LVT flooring is a great flooring material that is very durable, affordable, and can held up very well even in high traffic locations. In fact, luxury vinyl tile flooring is often used in commercial applications because of it’s ability to hold up so well in these high traffic areas.

Is LVT Flooring for Your Ypsilanti Michigan Home a Good Idea?

What is LVT Flooring?

Flooring over the years has developed many different types and materials that you can choose from. Luxury vinyl tile flooring has been around for a few decades but recently only became popular. It’s made from a vinyl material that is compressed with other components which give the flooring rigidity. The design part of the plank is covered with laminate that is clear so even if the flooring is scratched you would not be able to tell and the design would remain. LVT flooring comes in planks which are placed on the floor and can be used with grout much like ceramic or stone tiles. Luxury vinyl tile flooring has many different designs and patterns along with different manufacturers which makes it a unique product that can give you a great looking floor. The patterns and designs can look like other types of flooring such as hardwood flooring, ceramic tile and more. LVT flooring is not laminate flooring and is installed differently, looks differently, and more.

 A Multitude of Designs and Colors for Your Flooring

One of the best features of luxury vinyl tile flooring is it’s ability to look like other types of flooring. If you’re wanting a hardwood flooring look for your home you can get LVT planks installed that look like hardwood flooring. Not only can it look like the flooring choice you want but it is also better. LVT flooring doesn’t scratch like hardwood flooring does. Additionally, there is much less maintenance requirements for luxury vinyl tile flooring.

Say Goodbye to Cold Flooring

Stone and ceramic tile flooring can be cold to the touch and hard. LVT flooring can give you the look of these types of flooring with one major difference, it’s not that cold, hard flooring that you may be used to. LVT flooring can mimic these flooring types and also be soft to the touch when walked on.

A Maintenance Free Solution to Your Home’s Flooring

With most types of flooring there are maintenance requirements that you’ll need to adhere to. These maintenance requirements can be required annually on most flooring. However, with luxury vinyl tile flooring the maintenance requirements are almost non-existence. LVT flooring requires very little maintenance.

Durable and Long Lasting for Your Floors

As I mentioned above, luxury vinyl tile flooring is very durable and can last for many years. Many commercial buildings are now having luxury vinyl tile flooring installed for this fact. Plus, the flooring usually has multiple decade warranties attached.

Get a Free Quote on LVT Flooring in Ypsilanti MI Today

Considering getting luxury vinyl tile flooring installed in your Ypsilanti Michigan home? Be sure to call the flooring experts at A2 Home Pros today to get a free quote. They are a fully licensed and insured home improvement contractor in Ypsilanti Michigan. Call them today at 734-548-9910 for more information.

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