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Beginner’s Guide to the Best Hardwood Flooring Downriver MI

Maybe you’ve never thought about it before, but one change in your home can make a huge difference in the overall look, feel and vibe. For example, if you want to change things up but aren’t in a position to do a total renovation, why not consider a “mini transformation” and replace your flooring? New flooring can offer dramatic results in rooms such as your living room, kitchen, dining room and family room. Changing the look of your floors in just one room is plenty to make the room look completely different. If finances allow it, you could change the flooring in the entire home. In this guide, we are going to take a look at the best hardwood flooring options in Downriver, Michigan. 


Beginner’s Guide to the Best Hardwood Flooring Downriver MI

There are so many different varieties to choose from, too.  Have you heard about luxury vinyl tile or lvt? This contemporary option is super trendy and looks good with any décor. There’s a site that specializes in the topic, with blogs on advice, tips, care, maintenance, and the types that are on the market. If you like a natural wood floor, there’s an lvt choice that looks like the real thing. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Think about it, wouldn’t it be nice to have a “wood” floor without all the maintenance, and no worries about it rotting or splitting? There are many benefits to luxury vinyl tile flooring, including:

  • Kid and pet friendly – no matter how messy your little ones get, or how much mud your pet drags in, these floors are easy to clean and won’t stain
  • Scratch and waterproof – no one wants to worry about a floor that’s constantly susceptible to marks and nicks. And a waterlogged, stained floor isn’t attractive to look at, nor is it practical.
  • Affordability – if you’re on a budget, you can afford premium engineering flooring, from brand names such as COREtec Plus Floors.

If you’ve got a family and/or a pet, your floor gets a lot of traffic, and that means a sturdy, durable floor is in order.

Deciding on what’s right for you

You could go with laminate, vinyl, tile, or ceramic flooring, or a hardwood floor installation. Depending on factors such as cost, time, and upkeep, you may choose one or the other. Ideally, a licensed and insured building contractor will install new lvt flooring in your residential property. Most provide free estimates, so you can weigh your options before committing to a home improvement project. Once you transform your floors, you can replace other things such as windows, doors, bathroom fixtures.  Fresh coats of paint, new drywall, roof, siding and cement can all make a significant difference if you’re in the mood to remodel your home in Wayne County. Maybe you’re on a mission to find the best hardwood flooring in Downriver Michigan – if you are, peruse their website, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages for comments, and see if you can get referrals from recent customers. If they are recommended by Angie’s List or the Better Business Bureau, that’s reassuring to know.  Premium engineered flooring can turn an average floor into a vibrant, luxurious space in just a day or two. It’s an investment that will really pay off, even if you’re not considering selling your house right now.

Fresh coats of paint, new drywall, roof, siding and cement can all make a significant difference if you’re in the mood to remodel your home in Wayne County.

Hire a contractor with expertise

It takes many years to perfect the art of lvt flooring installation. If you’ve ever seen a show on it, or read a magazine article, you know that expert home remodeling contractors have many years of experience replacing flooring. That type of intricate work requires a builder’s license, liability insurance, years and years of training, and a calm personality. They possess specialized, high tech equipment and accessories in order to achieve the most favorable results. By hiring a building company, you can get everything all wrapped into one, including pulling permits if necessary, purchasing materials at a discounted price and multiple installers to make replacing you’re flooring a fast project. You’re not limited to just one color or texture, either. You can go with a more traditional looking floor, or a modern, colorful floor, depending on your style and taste.  Changing up your bathroom floor can also be a property value booster. If your current bathroom tile is chipped and unsightly, think about improving that too with a luxury vinyl tile floor. In many cases the bathroom is a forgotten room when remodeling a house, but it’s every bit as important as your kitchen, den and dining room. When you call for a free estimate, make sure the building contractor offers warrantees on materials and labor, a wide selection to select from and several financing plans available. If it’s a family owned company, you’ll be able to get your questions answered quickly and personalized service.

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