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COREtec Flooring Installation in Michigan

We have an exciting find in luxury vinyl flooring.  While on the hunt for lvt flooring options we came across a very durable, waterproof easy to install product called COREtec flooring.  This product can be installed virtually anywhere and is commercially rated.

COREtec Flooring Installation in Michigan

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COREtec Flooring Installation

We have some exciting information about Coretec flooring installation in Michigan.  Whether you are thinking about updating or changing the flooring in one room or many rooms and walkways, consider making the choice to benefit from the current updated flooring options.

If you are not familiar with Coretec flooring, let us give you some basic information.

COREtec Flooring is:

  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Waterproof
  • Available in Planks or Tile
  • Easy to install with its Click and Lock System

Coretec flooring is very durable and built to last.  The flooring in your home is subject to a lot of wear and tear.  We still expect it will last a long time.  The beauty of Coretec flooring is that its top layer is commercially rated.  This rating ensures you can count on it lasting.

Coretec flooring can be very stylish and attractive.  This lvt flooring product can capture the richness and beauty of real hardwood natural flooring or the look of real stone.  The technology and engineering that goes into the manufacturing of this plank or tile product is truly amazing.  It can add warmth and beauty or simplicity to any room or walkway.

Coretec flooring has a unique waterproof core.  Flooring is always being compromised by dirt and moisture brought in from the outside as well as regular daily activities indoors.  This is not an issue with Coretec flooring.


The unique and custom “COREtec” core protects the layers below from water and moisture and is dimensionally stable.  Dimensional stability is an important characteristic.  This simply means it will not expand or contract.  Coretec technology is a solution to the age-old problem of vinyl expansion and contraction, guaranteed.

Coretec flooring is available in planks and tiles.  This adds ease and versatility to where this type of lvt flooring can be used in your home.  Some spaces are easier filed with tile squares while others with the length and leanness of planks.

Both types of lvt flooring are connected with its own unique interlocking system.   They are both available in an array of colors and virtual textures which give the look and appeal of hardwood or stone.

Coretec flooring is available in planks and tiles.

Coretec flooring is quite easy to assemble and install.  The tile and plank pieces have a cork underlayment that is attached.  This means one step of the flooring installation process is eliminated.  There is no need for a sub-layer before installing the flooring.  The cork underlayment is also resistant to mildew and mold.

Coretec vs Other types of LVT Flooring

We encourage you to compare and consider Coretec to other types of lvt flooring.  While ‘vinyl’ is what is popular in flooring, your choices are vast.  Coretec flooring has a lot of pros.  Here is a quick summary of some of Coretec’s highlights.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Requires minimal floor preparation
  • Naturally resistant to water without damage to the flooring
  • Will not expand or contract with temperature or moisture
  • Actually warms the floor
  • Noise reduction
  • Installation is easy over existing hard surface flooring

The future, You and Coretec Flooring Installation in Michigan

With new COREtec lvt flooring and the technology that goes into its construction, you can be sure it is a flooring product that will last and add value to your home for years to come.

LVT Flooring Michigan is a site you can count on for home improvement and home remodeling ideas for your flooring.   Contact us anytime at with questions or requests for more information.

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