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5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Contractor to Install LVT Flooring in Ypsilanti MI

New flooring in your home can give it a much needed boost in appearance. Plus, new flooring can also help to make the home less maintenance needed. One of the more popular flooring choices today that is very low maintenance and looks great is luxury vinyl tile flooring. Although luxury vinyl tile flooring is a great choice it still needs to be installed by a professional flooring contractor in Ypsilanti Michigan. If you’re wanting new flooring in your Ypsilanti Michigan home be sure to check out these 5 reasons why it’s so important to hire a licensed and insured contractor for the home improvement project. 

5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Contractor to Install LVT Flooring in Ypsilanti MI

There are many places online that teach you about installing flooring yourself. While it may seem like an economical choice to install the luxury vinyl tile flooring yourself it’s a huge home improvement project dealing with finished work. A wrong placement or decision can render the entire flooring project doomed from the start. For instance, simply placing a tile out of alignment may not seem like a problem initially but as the tiles are placed more and more the error will become much more apparent. A professional installation company will know all the right ways to place the tile and have the experience to make sure it’s done right. Here are some of the reasons why a professional flooring contractor in Ypsilanti Michigan is so important.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Contractor to Install LVT Flooring in Ypsilanti MI

1 – Professional Installers Have the Right Tools

Having a home that has many different cuts and corners can make tile installation much more tedious. A professional installation company will have the tools and equipment needed to make these intriquit cuts and shapes. Plus, tolerances for the tiles will be left in place as per the manufacturer’s specifications which may not be possible if you’re planning on installing the luxury vinyl tile flooring yourself.

2 – Warranties on Products are Honored

Most of the flooring sold today have some type of warranty attached to them. Depending on the manufacturer of the flooring and the quality of the flooring those warranties can last from just a few years to more than 30 years. One of the biggest problems with getting these warranties honored is the installation of the flooring. If the flooring was not properly installed as per the manufacturer’s specifications the warranty on the entire floor may be void. Having a professional installer that is qualified to install the flooring will allow you to ensure the warranty on the flooring is honored if there is a problem later on.

3 – Professional Layout and Design is Available

Layout and design of luxury vinyl tile flooring can be done to make the flooring look much better. Having a professional flooring contractor help with the design and layout can help make the transition areas much more seamless. They can also show different designs and applications of past clients and how the project turned out for them.

4 – Proper Preparation Work is Done Before Placing Luxury Vinyl Tiles

As with any type of flooring project the most important aspect of the home improvement project is the preparation. Making sure the sub-floor and base is up to standard and will support the luxury vinyl tile flooring is very important. Small variances in the base can render the entire project a failure if proper preparation is not done. Most do it yourselfers will skip this step because they don’t think it’s important however a professional flooring contractor will likely spend the most time on preparation of the floor before the luxury vinyl tile is installed.

5 – Quick and Easy Installation is Done

With a professional flooring contractor that has the ample help to install the floor quickly and efficiently it’s usually done in just a few days. If you plan on installing the flooring yourself during weekends or evenings the project may last for weeks if not more. Hiring a professional flooring company will make sure the project is done quickly and professionally so you can start enjoying the flooring sooner.

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