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5 Key Advantages of Using LVT Flooring in Ann Arbor Michigan

The flooring in your home is one of the components that is always prominent in the room. While some home components can be decorated or even hidden by furniture or pictures, when it comes to the flooring in your home, any one who enters your home will notice it. And if you have old and worn flooring it can lead to a bad impression of your entire home. One solution is to use luxury vinyl tile flooring in your home. There are some very distinct advantages of using LVT flooring in Ann Arbor Michigan. We’ll go over the top 5 reasons this new type of flooring is so popular and why you should consider it for your home.

5 Key Advantages of Using LVT Flooring in Ann Arbor Michigan

There are loads of flooring choices on the market today. From hardwood floors that can come from almost any part of the world to the ceramic tile that many people use in kitchens and bathrooms today. There is a type of flooring that can look almost identical to these types of flooring and almost any other type of flooring as well. The best part about luxury vinyl tile flooring is also that is usually cost much less than specialized flooring like hardwood flooring. Plus, it offers a host of other advantages as well including:

5 Key Advantages of Using LVT Flooring in Ann Arbor Michigan

Very Low Maintenance Requirements

Many types of flooring requires routine maintenance in order to look great. Hardwood floors is one example that requires loads of maintenance.Over time the flooring will start to fade and will need to be refinished, stained, and coated every so often. Because luxury vinyl tile flooring has a protective coating over the top of the planks they don’t fade. Even over time the tiles will keep their appearance. The maintenance requirements of luxury vinyl tile flooring is almost nil when compared to other flooring choices including ceramic tiles.

Durable, Sturdy Flooring That Lasts

Luxury vinyl tile is constructed in such as way that provides a lot of protections against wear. The top layer provides protection that keeps the appearance of the tile while the design layer is visible through the top layer. Below these layers of the tile is the structural layers. This type of design provides an extremely durable flooring which will last a long time. In fact, many of the luxury vinyl tile products have a warranty of 20 years or more. Some will even provide more than 25 years of service before needing to be replaced.

Wide Variety of Styles and Designs

Want a design that looks clean and clinical? With luxury vinyl tile, you can have that look. Maybe you’re more into the warmth of wooden flooring, well with luxury vinyl tile flooring you can have that look as well. In fact, with luxury vinyl tile flooring there are many different designs and colors you can choose from. Most types of flooring can be achieved by using luxury vinyl tile flooring. From hardwood floors to ceramic tiles, luxury vinyl tile flooring can give you the appearance that can make your flooring look just as you wish.

Uniform Designs and Colors

One problem of some flooring is that it’s difficult to get a uniform appearance especially for a larger room. Luxury vinyl tile is always the same look and designs with exact match colors and patterns. This gives the flooring a great uniform look even in a larger room. Plus, if the flooring is damaged for some reason it can be replaced even years later with a plank.

Fast Installation of the Flooring

Unlike some types of flooring that need to be acclimated to your home, when it comes to luxury vinyl tile flooring it can typically be installed quickly. Many times, the installation will be only a single day to remove the old flooring and install the new flooring. Which can be great in commercial applications as it can be installed during times when the business is closed or the office is empty.

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